I have been writing and editing professionally since 2005, with much of my early experience being in the travel industry. Over the past few years though I’ve been able to branch out more, and am always eager to take on something new.

I am extremely familiar with writing and editing newsletters, style guidelines, product descriptions, website content, training documents, and a host of other genres. Additionally, I have written and edited blog and web articles, print ads, and trivia questions, and even worked to tighten up phrasing for product labels.

Proofreading has always been more of a habit than an assigned task, but the list of books I have proofread by request has been growing by the week since 2013. I also have experience proofreading items from the marketing agency world, including flyers, infographics, ebrochures, printed brochures, microsites, emails, and PowerPoint presentations. And, I have proofread more technical pieces of writing as well, such as proposals and marketing plans.

You can take a look at my resume here.