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Sara Peterson

I am a freelancer who specializes in writing, editing, and proofreading services that help you and your business grow or master difficult projects.

I focus on one thing

Content services

Content writing

I craft compelling text that reflects your own style and voice. But I also write original pieces with minimal guidance. Whatever it is you need.


Flow, consistency, and general text polish all contribute to an enjoyable reading experience. I want these things in a piece of writing just as much as you do, and make that "magic" happen.


I ensure text follows all the grammar rules (Chicago or AP style; whichever you prefer), is spelled correctly, and just generally looks its best. That way the writing is the main focus, as it should be.

A quick intro

About me

I love to work with words—stringing them together to get a message, feeling, or idea across; tightening them up so each one pulls its weight; or checking them over to see that every one is correctly placed, spelled, and used.

Words captivate me for their storytelling abilities, whether the story is a sewing tutorial for a pillow cover (helpful!) or an image-packed description that transports you to a far corner of the world (maybe where the sun shines in February). For me, the human parts of words are the most interesting aspects. Otherwise, who’s reading them?

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Skills you can trust

I have been writing and editing professionally since 2005. Much of my early experience was in the travel industry, and over time I branched out to other subjects. I am always eager to take on something new.

I’m extremely familiar with writing and editing blog and web articles, website content, newsletters, style guidelines, product descriptions, training documents, and a host of other genres. Additionally, I have written and edited print ads and trivia questions, and even tightened up phrasing for product labels.​


The proof is in the pudding

Proofreading has always been more of a habit than an assigned task. In 2013 I started proofreading books professionally, and have since leant my expertise to an ever-growing number of titles.

Apart from books, I’ve also proofread a variety of pieces for the marketing world, ranging from flyers, print ads and brochures, and online ebrochures to emails, white papers, website wireframes, and a variety of other projects that require a careful eye.

I am also experienced in proofreading blog posts, marketing plans, product descriptions, and resumes.

Writing Samples

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